AKA: Drewhead

Drewhead is a handle I use just about everywhere now. One day I called my (at the time) six year old nephew, the only boy out of 8 members of that generation I acquired by marriage, Bryanhead in a fit of six year old logic. His response oddly enough was "Drewhead". To this day he despises Bryanhead while I have become quite used to Drewhead. My major hangout now is my own irc server's #VGAP channel. These days my attention is consumed mainly by my VGAP 4 effort. I also occassionally stop by my old stomping ground EFNET's #Babylon5 and #Clemson. My ICQ number is 5181425. though I am rarely there. I've been playing around with jabber and am working on getting my jabber server connected to ICQ as well as other IM systems, more later. Here is my PGP Public Key.
I grew up in Sumter, South Carolina, a smallish southern city in the sand hills region of the coastal plains. Millions of years ago the sea completely submerged the eastern third of the Southeastern United States. This area today is known as the coastal plains for its sandy, mostly flat geography. My Parents are still in Sumter working hard at running

From there I went to Clemson University in upstate South Carolina. I am a HUGE Clemson fan and am proud of all our sports teams.

While at Clemson from 89-94 I was a member of Tiger Band.Tiger Band is responsible for... well I don't really think we ever claimed responsibility for anything... but many great memories were incurred. I played Trombone. That's right, I was one of "those" guys. :) Listen to The Song that Shakes the Southland! Tiger Rag!.
I also was a member of Alpha Phi Omega during my college years. APO is a nation service fraternity whose roots are in BSA. This organization was one of the most unique experiences of my college years. Friendships forged in service to others is truly extraordinary.

Fresh out of school I went to work for Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta GA.
And then I went and got married. Deborah Lynn Johnson became my wife on August 19th, 1995. Debbie and I met at Clemson (yet another thing I got out of school :) in Tiger Band. We dated almost all of our college years. We were married in her home church in Camden, SC.

Debbie teaches 3rd grade at Winecoff Elementary in Concord NC.

CTC gif After four years at Turner we packed up and moved to North Carolina in the Charlotte region. CTC a telecommunications company based in Concord NC gave me a job as a System's programmer for thier ISP arm commonly refered to as Vnet.

premier.gif Things didn't quite go as I expected at CTC, so after three years to the date I moved onto greener pastures. Curently I'm working at Premier Inc doing data wharehousing and writing lots of perl.

Drew Dowling